“This is the best guidebook available examining sites statewide in a single volume. Friend and Foe Alike is an excellent resource for casual tourists and serious students alike.”
Andrew Wagenfotter,
Civil War Books and Authors (cwba.blogspot.com)

“This accessible, entertaining travel guide is the best so far to a war [in Missouri] that has been invisible for too long.”
Martin Northway,
Newcity Lit, Chicago (lit.newcity.com)

“Greg Wolk has a captivating writing style that makes history comeĀ alive on each of the tour routes he describes. He reminds us of theĀ depth of the role Missouri played in the great conflict of 1861-1865.”
Douglas D. Scott, PhD.,
Author of Fields of Conflict: Battlefield Archaeology from the Roman Empire to the Korean War

“Gregory Wolk provides a valuable guide to the Civil War in Missouri. A useful resource for the armchair historian, Wolk’s volume is an even more significant tool for those who enjoy venturing out to the locations where history was made.”
Thomas F. Curran, Ph.D.,
Author of Soldiers of Peace: Civil War Pacifism and the Postwar Radical Peace Movement

“A perfect gift for a Civil War aficionado.”
Bill McClellan,
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Friend and Foe Alike: A Tour Guide of Missouri's Civil War

Friend and Foe Alike

A First of Its Kind
Journey Through Time

THE CIVIL WAR IN MISSOURI EXPOSED Missouri is a treasure trove of Civil War history, far from the track beaten by most cultural tourists, yet Missouri witnessed more battles or engagements than any other state with the exception of Virginia and Tennessee. Travelers from the Midwest seeking adventure can spend days exploring the battles, the military campaigns and the personalities that all together make up Missouri’s Civil War. With detailed driving instructions that take the traveler from site to site, Civil War buffs and historians alike will enjoy reading and traveling the pages of this informative and attractive new book.

Gregory Wolk is a St. Louis lawyer who has studied the Civil War for thirty years, and has traveled the length and breadth of
Missouri promoting Civil War preservation and tourism. This is his first book.